It is time and effort to obtain necessary permits for local residence and work when you move overseas.
We provide immigration procedures through experts in each field.

Immigration Service Procedure


It is a residential area selection service for customers who plan to relocate before moving to the local area.
It is an integrated service that provides connecting, arranging and interpreting services for Korean or local brokerage offices in each city.

Before Arrival

1) Online question and telephone information service to confirm your preferred housing specification.

2) Providing living information related to the destination city

3) Search for housing and propose candidate housing for your budget and needs

4) Home explore before contract

Selection of residence

1) Visiting candidate residences

2) Explain the merits and differences

3) Negotiationg lease contracts for optimal lease conditions

4) Translation of lease agreement to understand all conditions

We will help you to finish your domestic departure before you leave.

We provide tailor-made programs tailored to the various procedures and needs of each country of departure, helping you to adjust to your new life in a comfortable environment.
We will help you to adjust to your new life in a comfortable environment.
It is an integrated service that provides connections, arrangements and interpretation.

Service Contents

1) Cancel the gas, electricity, water, internet

2) Change of mailing address

3) Cancel the bank account

4) Contact with hose leasing agent to inform contract expiration

5) Preparing the delivery procedure of real estate

In the course of adapting to the new living environment abroad, the needs and tastes of customers are very diverse.
We offer personalized settlement services to suit your tastes and needs

We will help you feel comfortable and settled in a new environment.

Service Contents

1) Orientation

2) Comprehensive local living information.

3) Provide local medical facilities information

4) Provide repair and maintenance of residential facilities information.

5) Introduction of women’s and social gatherings for spouses.

6) Opening a bank account and providing banking information.

7) Documentation and information on local insurance.